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Stealing With Edzardt

Apr 16, 2019

I find inspiration from Rich Simmonds -a master of his craft.

Voted by Forbes as a ‘Top 10 Social Influencer’ in Africa and a ‘Top 20 Influencer’ in the world, Rich knows the topic of social media and how to utilise the medium to maximum effect, inside and out. Not only recognised by reputable media outlets like Forbes, he also has more than 500 thousand followers on Twitter and just as many on his blog on 

As quoted from his website “With his powerful, paradigm-shifting ideas on leadership communication, Rich walks individuals, teams and companies through a challenging, hands-on process which liberates them from their stifling, success-blocking communication styles. He examines their unique culture of communication and then simplifyingly unpacks their particular pitfalls whilst simultaneously drawing out their unique strengths.”

He has also penned two books: ‘Mug & Tweet’ and ‘5 Night Plan’.

A must listen for anyone interested in Social Media and becoming an influencer.












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