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Stealing With Edzardt

Apr 11, 2019

I speak with Benita Bouwer, the current World record holder Pole Sports for Masters over 40, the 2017 International Pole Sports Federation Female athlete of the year and the 2017 World Pole Sports Champion for Masters over 40.

A professional ballet dancer for more than 8 years, Benita turned to Pole Sports as a form of expression when she discovered Pole Dancing more than ten years ago. She subsequently went on to win competition after competition and now owns and instructs at Pole Physiques Studios where she not only hones her skills, but those of her keen students as well.

Humble, passionate and committed, Benita’s aim is to change the perception of the sport and to be an ambassador for Pole Sports, going as far as representing South Africa in Jakarta at the TAFISA World Games in 2016 in a bid to get the sport recognised as an Olympic event and also qualifying as an accredited judge for the IPSF (International Pole Sports Federation).

Come find inspiration with me as I speak with this prolific artist and athlete about the world’s fastest growing sport -and also why you need to point your toes.










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